Blueberry Field Services


De-rocking of Blueberry Fields

For new blueberry fields, the removal of large rocks makes a challenging and laborious process – and even with established fields, continual frost action means some de-rocking has to be done every year. At Dean Young Forestry, we use modern equipment to clean fields quickly and efficiently. Our excavators remove even stubborn stones and boulders. All rocks remain property of the landowner and are disposed of on site – or, we can make other arrangements if the client wants to use them for landscaping or move them to other locations on the property.

Blueberry Field Harvesting & Maintenance

These days, more blueberry farmers are turning to mechanized harvesting over traditional methods. Dean Young Forestry’s modern raking equipment ensures a clean and thorough crop, with no harmful impact to the field. In addition, because blueberry farming is a job year-round, we also provide complete field maintenance services before and after harvests, from mowing to burning and smuckering.