Forestry Services


Dean Young Forestry provides sustainable timber harvesting by CLP Certified Logging Professionals. Our past clients include personal proprietors, business landowners, and even the State of Maine. We use a variety of modern machinery to navigate any terrain, including low-impact equipment for wet or other more sensitive areas. We also offer on-site processing to protect the land and resources: rather than several pieces of specialized equipment for process and transport, we use one machine to cut, limb, and saw the wood. Before harvesting, our professional forestry experts will conduct a survey of your lands to determine the best plan of action. Whatever the type or size of property, our goal is to provide the best services possible, and to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied.

Land Clearing

Looking to open land for blueberries or other agricultural fields? Whether established forest or just overgrown brush, Dean Young Forestry offers efficient clearing and leveling services. Careful evaluation, along with the use of strategic equipment, ensures that lots are cleared quickly and thoroughly, while still protecting sensitive or difficult terrain. Once cleared, material can be chipped on-site, or cut and hauled away by our professional logging team. We also grind stumps to help level the ground and improve appearance.


Dean Young Forestry provides trucking and mobilization services to any location within 50 miles of our main shop. Whether for businesses, landscapers, or agricultural fields, we offer a variety of transportation venues with a proven track record. Ask about our lowbed services for site-to-site transport for tractors, skidders, and other heavy equipment.  We’ll also deliver dump truck loads of loam, sand, gravel, and crushed ledge (available for purchase from our main site). If you need commercial transport, we have the service you can rely on!